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Enjoy Premium Quality Lenses at Competitive Rates

We’re excited to bring you the best prices and quality simultaneously—never compromise on either. Enjoy luxury, premium lenses at the most unbelievably low prices, starting at just $69 for premium lenses and $89 for thin lenses.

Buy premium progressive lenses at the best prices out there

Our premium progressive lenses offer the widest peripheral vision and the least peripheral distortion, making them the best investment for your needs. Enjoy all that and more at the lowest rates in the region, starting at only $149.

High-quality lens coatings for you

Explore a range of premium anti-reflective and scratch coatings designed to protect your lenses. Prices start at $49 only.

Invest in Transitions and Photochromics

We’re excited to bring you the biggest variety at the best prices possible.

Protect your eyes with blue light lenses

Ideal for blocking blue light from phones, TVs, tablets, fluorescent lighting, and sunlight and reducing eye strain, our blue light lenses start at only $30!

Myopia Control Lenses

Miyo Smart lenses by Hoya are the best myopia control lenses, which decrease the progression and development of myopia in children and adults. We’re bringing you the lowest prices at $499 and above per pair.

Anti Fatigue Lenses

Anti fatigueAKA starter progressive lenses are ideal for children and teens and intended to protect their eyes from damage. We’re bringing you Essilor Premium Digital Anti Fatigue lenses starting from $189 only.

Other Products and Lenses

At SpecialEyes, you can find all kinds of prescription lenses, including office lenses, bifocals, trifocals, high index, no line bifocals, polycarbonate safety lenses, prism and several others, at the lowest prices. We also have a wide range of frames and sunglasses to fit every budget and requirement, including branded and non-branded options. You can also come to us to re-lens your existing frames.

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