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Seeing Clearly Since 2009

Looking for top-quality eyeglasses without breaking the bank? You're in the right place!

Unveil the Magic of Progressive Lenses

Quality Digital Progressive Lenses Don't Have to Cost $600+

At SpecialEyes, we are the leaders in providing premium progressive lenses at the lowest prices guaranteed. Our Essilor Premium Progressive Lenses start at just $249, a jaw-dropping deal compared to the $600-$1000 industry standard. With us, you get top-quality far, intermediate, and near vision, along with the widest peripheral vision and minimal distortion.

Discover Premium Progressive Lenses

Your Gateway to Crystal-Clear Vision

Experience eyeglasses like never before with our incredible range of premium progressive lenses. Starting at just $149, our standard progressive lens is your gateway to crystal-clear close, mid, and far vision. It's the perfect introduction to the world of progressive lenses, designed for comfortable everyday use and providing excellent value as a starter lens.

Step Up to 4K Clarity

Quality That Won't Break the Bank

If you're looking for more, our Premium 4K Essilor Progressive Lenses might be your dream come true. Starting at $249, these lenses are a steal when you compare them to overpriced $600 alternatives. The Essilor Distinctive and 4K progressive lenses deliver impeccable clarity for close, mid, and far distances, and they've earned their place as our all-time favorite progressive lenses and bestsellers year after year.

The Ultimate in Clarity: 8K Lenses

Supreme Vision Quality

For those seeking the pinnacle of clarity, our Premium 8K Essilor Progressive Lenses, starting at $349, are the answer. Compare them to the hefty $1000 alternatives, and you'll see why our Essilor Supreme and 8K progressive lenses offer even less distortion, providing supreme clarity that's unmatched.

Quality Eyeglasses, Affordable Prices

Experience More at Special Eyes

At SpecialEyes, we believe in making quality affordable. High-quality progressive lenses don't have to break the bank, and we invite you to experience this firsthand by visiting us at SpecialEyes. Unlock the savings and visit SpecialEyes to discover a new world of vision.

Re Lens - A Passion for Your Vision

Optical Excellence in the Lower Mainland

At SpecialEyes, we're not just here to sell eyeglasses; we're here to enhance your vision. As the #1 Re Lens Optical in the Lower Mainland, we take your existing frames and sunglasses, whether they're brand new or dearly old, and breathe new life into them with premium lenses at unbeatable prices. We're passionate about ensuring you get the best value for your eyewear.

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